1. Scan the QR code on the pickguard of the guitar.

  2. Go to the address that pops up.

  3. Click the "Experiences Tab" on the top of the page

  4. Comment on where it was played, what was played on it, who played it, and most importantly, where it was played!

About The QR Quote Guitar
A few months ago, I decided that my first acoustic guitar needed something-- a way to connect with people. I began painting the body black, covering the guitar with quotes, and refurbishing some of the old parts. I came out with an original design that had satisfied me for a few months. The next task was to make the instrument dynamic, not only in the way it would play, but in how people interacted with it. On the pickguard, I added a QR code, which directs the user to this website, where they can post anything about their experiences with the instrument.
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